Hi Michael,
You were terrific!  Everyone really enjoyed your performance.  Thank you so much for participating in
El Gran Da de los Artistas, and for making the afternoon at Bihl Haus Arts so special.  I can't thank you enough.  We'd love to have you come back!  When you have some time, I'd love to talk to you about working on another magic event.  Thanks, again, for sharing your talents with us.  It was great fun as well as thought-provoking.  How do you do all of those marvelous things?
--Dr. Kellen Kee McIntyre
Executive Director, Bihl Haus Arts

Judy McMillan, actress and IFMASA [Independent Film Makers' Association of San Antonio] member, posted a message on my MySpace site that she enjoyed "The Last Stand" movie from LA and your Magic Show the most at the Short Film Showcase.  That's great as she's putting you right up there with "Hollywood."  Tallon reminds me of an eagle's talon.  You soar and take your talent with you.
--Mary Harder
Founder, Independent Film Makers' Association of San Antonio

The [IFMASA Short Film] Showcase today was a winner... Michael Tallon and "The Last Stand" were both really excellent.  Kudos, and thank you.
--Judy McMillan

I loved your show!  It was awesome!!
--Michael Cantu

What an amazing tallon-t you possess!!!  I am honored to have witnessed your sleight of hand expertise.
--Itza Casanova

Thank you so much for "strutting your stuff" at the Birthday Bash.  I have heard so many compliments on y'all's routine.  Everybody loved it!  Thanks again.
--Don Moravits
Past President - Texas Association of Magicians (2005, San Antonio)

Michael...Your two man cups and balls routine is fantastic and very entertaining!  I really enjoyed the routine.
--Bill Malone

I really enjoyed your dueling cups and balls at Richard Garriott's house (at the SAM National Council Meeting Magic Show in March 2007).  :o)  You'd think that every possible thing you can do with Cups and Balls has been done and then you guys come up with a presentation that makes people sit up and laugh out loud.  I love people that are clever.  Well done!
--Bruce Kalver

Michael presents a fun and clever routine that shows dedication to his craft.  The resounding sentiment was, "How does he do it?"  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his performance and it certainly added an exciting touch to the evening.
--Craig Resta

Michael Tallon is a genuine entertainer.  His talent lies in allowing his audience to be at ease while he increasingly delights them with his "sleight-of-hand" magic.  I thoroughly enjoyed Michael's performance and I can't wait to see the next one.
--Jay White

Michael Tallon is one of the most talented magicians I have had the pleasure to know and see perform.  His mastery of the craft, combined with his innovative and original presentations, is a testament to his dedication and commitment to the art of magic.  My father was a magician for 60+ years and traveled across the country, as well as overseas, performing for appreciative audiences and he always said that Michael is blessed with a natural ability and a gift for magic that very few magicians have.  His performance is truly an experience that will be remembered for a long time!
--Ted B. Dearinger, Jr.

Dear Paul:
I just wanted to thank you and the talented entertainers at Rubber Chicken Productions for making my wedding reception such a blast.  My guests were amazed by the close-up magic that you and Michael Tallon performed.  You can't imagine how many of them have called or written to let me know how much they enjoyed "the magicians."  The whole thing worked so well and I really appreciate all of your help and dedication.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.
--Vanessa Eichler

Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for your help at the Children's Christmas Party.  The children really enjoyed your magic tricks!  Thanks again for creating such a lovely memory for the children!  God bless!
Warm regards,
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church

Dear Michael,
The Los Amigos Club of Holy Spirit Parish was thoroughly entertained by your magic program.  We hope to see you again at other functions.  Thank you very much.
--Don & Kathy May
Los Amigos Club, Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for giving of your time and talent at our recent dinner.  Everyone, children and adults alike, was amazed at the things happening right before their eyes.  They are still wondering at the magic!  Thanks again.
Norma Willet
St. Matthew Cancer Support Group

Dear Michael,
The San Antonio Area Widowed Persons Service would like to thank you for your generous performance at our Sun and Suddenly Single event.  Everyone enjoyed your work immensely and it brought a great deal of joy to a group that has endured difficult times.  You demonstrated terrific talent and good spirit and we would recommend you for any event.  Your humor was clean, high spirited and clever and it was obvious that you work very hard at what you do to be able to deliver such a high quality show.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future events and for referrals.  Again, thank you so much for going to all the work to come and entertain us and help make our event a great success.
Susan Blumhorst, M.A.
Chairperson, Friendly Socials Committee
San Antonio Area Widowed Persons Service

Comments from the Society of American Magicians 2009 National Convention in Buffalo, New York

Dear Michael,
Congratulations on your two awards at the Buffalo S.A.M. Convention - both more than well deserved. It is about time that comedy magic is recognized in this way. Your choice of music must have taken you years to put together. You had me crying with laughter as your napkin snowstorm appeared. Best of luck. I'm looking forward to seeing the act again.
--George Schindler
Dean of the Society of American Magicians

Dear Mr. Tallon,
I'm writing to you to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your "People's Choice Award" winning "4M" show at the 2009 Society of American Magicians Convention in Buffalo. It was a memorable performance. The show was unique among a number of excellent national class acts, in fact, unique amongst all the acts I've seen in many respects. Your selection of musical phrases as surprisingly clear communication in lieu of words was only one original facet of a show that glowed with creativity and craftsmanship. Your mime and your magic were flawless, your stage presence was warm and welcoming, and your humor gentle and genuinely funny throughout. Your People's Choice Award and Seabrooke Comedy Award are well deserved.
Paul Coff and Susan Odessey

Contest show tonight was very difficult to judge. Mostly good acts which fell into two categories: Skill or Creativity. A real crowd pleaser was Michael Tallon who did something totally creative and performed with precision. I won't spill what he did as you'll read about it later on but kudos to Michael for his great performance.
--Bruce Kalver
S.A.M. National President, 2008-2009

Congratulations to you, Michael!!! The 2009 Society of American Magicians International Convention in Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls, Canada (July 15-18) had the most astounding Stage Contest ever...all nine contestants were remarkable and the competition was exciting and over-the-top!! You walked away with not just one, but TWO awards for your "4M" ("Michael Tallon's Magical Musical Miracle") routine in this prestigious contest. You were the winner of the Seabrooke Red Seal Comedy Award and the Brad Jacob's People's Choice Award for the Stage Contest. It was my honor to be a member of the audience that evening. Congratulations, again, Michael!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Magic!!
--Adele Friel Rhindress
Blackstone's "Elusive Moth" 1947-50

Michael, at the SAM Convention the real deal was you! You did a great job! I, and everyone around me, voted for you for the "People's Choice Award!" Your act was great - clever and very funny! If I were a judge my vote would have been for you! Good job, my friend!
--Richard Turner

Great job! I loved your act!! You remind me of Teller - but with a slight edge... Congratulations on your win in the Stage Contest!!
--Marlene Clark
S.A.M. National Secretary

Greetings to The Brad Jacob's People's Choice Stage Contest winner and the winner of the Seabrooke Red Seal Comedy Award...This is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for bringing these awards to Texas. Congratulations again...it was great seeing you in Buffalo.
--Dal Sanders

Your act at SAM was one of the funniest I have ever seen!!
--Charlie Siebert

What an amazing performance you put together and performed. I can hardly imagine the work you put into preparations!
--Richard Garriott

Michael, you were pretty awesome - the whole routine was amazing - excellent, perfectly timed - thank you for the laughter and entertainment! :-)
--Anne Weidhass

Hey Michael...congratulations on the awards...well deserved!!!!!!
--John Kline

Congratulations! Your act was very well done and every award was deserved. Hope to see you again soon.
--Trevor Motycka

Comments from the Texas Association of Magicians 2008 Convention in Fort Worth, Texas

Michael, I should have hired you to close the convention!  I loved your act.  It's brilliant!  Great job at the contest.  Awesome!
--David Hira
TAOM 2008 Talent Chairman

There was a lot of talent and many acts at TAOM 2008.  But I can say without a doubt that Michael's act to music was the best act of the convention.  Michael is a creative genius!
--Diamond Jim Tyler

Michael, your show at TAOM was incredible.  More laughs and production per minute than most acts have per hour!  I was pleased to be in the audience and I enjoyed the act tremendously.
--C.J. Johnson

Michael's act was one of the highlights of my convention experience.  It drew me in and kept me guessing about what was coming next...thanks for the genuine surprise!
--Brian Brushwood

I loved your "dueling cups and balls" a few years ago at TAOM, but I REALLY liked your musical montage at this year's TAOM.  Your creativity astounds me!
--Julian Franklin

Great job!  You did Ring 18 proud.
--Claude Crowe

Your act was my favorite!
--Sam Sawyers

I really enjoyed your act and thought it was very creative and original!  That was one of the most entertaining things I've seen all year!  It's a great show and I know it took some time to put it together.
--Jere Alexander

That was a great act you had at TAOM.
--J. David Teeman

Congratulations on the win at TAOM!  You deserved it...the routine is pure comedic gold.
--Frank Fogg

Congratulations on your comedy trophy!  Glad I had a chance to see the act!  Very funny.
--Richard Hatch

Michael Tallon has the rare ability to break the mold of most "so-called" originals.  His act was the most uniquely different show I have ever seen.  Michael has combined his love for classic pop music with his love for great magic and has combined it into an unforgettable and entertaining stage experience.
--Ian Varela

Dear Michael:
It was a real pleasure to meet you at TAOM after that terrific award-winning routine!  I thoroughly enjoyed your act and I know others sitting around me did as well!  With a background of many years in radio, and having done quite a few of the musical projects like you did for your act, I instantly recognized the dozens upon dozens of long hours you put into that performance -- AND IT REALLY SHOWED!  How you got THAT many songs in the right order and had the trick timed with them so well was amazing!  Your act was creative, original, FUNNY and very entertaining!  I'm sure glad I got to see it and I look forward to seeing your next creation!
Very Best Wishes!
--Carl E. Jones, CFP

Comments from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians
2008 Combined Convention in Louisville, Kentucky

Michael, congratulations on making it to the finals in the 2008 IBM/SAM Convention in Louisville.  That was a pretty heavy competition.  I really enjoyed the Duo Cups and Balls and the underlying message of the act.  Your spot as one of the finalists was well deserved!
--Paul Gertner
Three-time World Champion Magician in Close-Up Magic
Winner of three Magician of the Year Awards from the Magic Castle in Hollywood

I just wanted to write to say you rocked in both the stage and close-up at IBM/SAM.  Standing ovations in both is not an easy task... Well done!
--Shawn Farquhar
Two-time World Champion of Magic

When you walked out on that stage to do your music act, nobody knew who you were.  When you left the stage, everybody wanted to be your friend.  They loved your routine!  Great job!!
--Don Greenberg

You were very creative!  When most people say creative, they mean they perform the French drop differently.  But you perform things that haven't been done.  There isn't any other music routine like yours, and your Cups and Balls routine was amazing!  It would be great as a stand-alone solo routine, but with the "duet" it made it so much more powerful.
--Nathan Nickerson

Michael Tallon was very funny, connected with the audience, great music of course, very original, good respect for his assisant.  Michael Tallon and Doug Gorman had a fun act that connected with the audience and got a standing ovation; good magic, arguably only 1 trick, but their cups and balls routine was up to the high standard, and their timing was great.  They made it to the finals.

Michael Tallon from the USA did an offbeat card act featuring snippets of well known songs.  The comedy was a welcome relief and saw him receive a standing ovation if for nothing else his originality.
--Craig Mitchell

Michael Tallon's music in the competition was hilarious.  I really enjoyed that whole routine.
--Tim Hannig

We noted that the audience responds very well to comedy.  Such was the case with Michael Tallon.
--Ken Northridge

Texan Michael Tallon got the show rolling again.  His was a very original act.  No talking.  He used sound clips from about 50 different songs to explain what he was doing.  He had a spectator choose and sign a card, lost it in the deck, and after several failures (on purpose) finally found the card.  Using the song clips was very funny.  Lots of comic bits.  For example, when he could not find the card we heard "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2.
--Scot's Magical Mystery Tour

I loved your work!  Thanks.
--Patrick Lanzing

Michael, I met you in Louisville...your stage act was FANTASTIC!  Hope all is well with you and that you have a booming season lined up.  Keep up the fantastic magic!
--Markus Almodarr Steelgrave

Comments from Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic (4F) 2008

Michael Tallon's routine to music is hilarious and highly entertaining.  The rhythm is amazing and the number of songs truly impressive.  A unique combination of magic, music and presentation that was one of the highlights at FFFF 2008!  Congratulations!
--Boris Wild
2008 4F Guest of Honor and Lou Gallo Most Valuable Person Award Recipient

Good job!  I loved your act!!  You kicked butt!!!

Finally someone comes up with a magic routine that's worth watching.  Thank you!
--David Corsaro

I loved your act!  I was rolling on the floor.  It was the highlight of the day for me!!
--Bill Abbott

Michael Tallon performed a hilarious routine choreographed to short music cuts.  By far my favorite routine of the week.
--Tony Gerard
4F Advisor

I really enjoyed your act!  It was very clever.  Not only was it clever, it was also very entertaining.  You obviously put a lot of work into that routine.
--Bruce Barnett

That was awesome!  I really enjoyed it.  It was great!  I can't imagine how long it took to put that act together.
--Jim Grabor

People keep asking me, "So what did you like today?"  My answer:  "The one with the music!"  Thank you for your performance!
--Scott Miller

I loved your act!  It was unbelievable.  Fascinating.  Great job!
--Karl Norman

That was one of the best acts I've ever seen at Fechters -- and I've been coming since the second one!
--Bud Smith

I loved your act!  Very funny.  Keep it up; we need more funny acts.
--Auke van Dokkum

Great job!  I was on the floor laughing the whole time.
--George Silverman

Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!!
--Stephen Bargatze

Great job!  Very funny!!

Your act was really good.  It was very funny.  Great job!
--Meir Yedid

Comments from the Texas Association of Magicians 2007 Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas

Michael Tallon and his ingenious, entertaining, and hilarious act was the highlight of the 2007 Texas Association of Magicians convention in Corpus Christi.  Michael continually surprises us with his creative approach to our age-old art and breathes fresh air into our audience of tired magicians.  Bravo, Michael...bravo!  I admire you, your talent, and your approach to magic.
--David Hira
Past President - Texas Association of Magicians (1997, Fort Worth)
Full Time Professional Entertainer & Motivational Speaker

Dear Michael,
It was my privilege to see your wonderful comedy show.  I so enjoyed it.  I hope I get a chance to see it again.  Thank you so much for exercising your talents in our TAOM Contest Show.  You have a clever mind and an entertaining heart that will bless many audiences to come.
Magically yours,
Marilyn Douglas
TAOM 2007 Contest Chairman

Michael Tallon's comedy routine at the 2007 Texas Association of Magicians convention in Corpus Christi was the funniest and most creative production I have seen in a long time.  I was literally on the floor laughing.
--Daniel Garcia

Your "4M" comedy routine was brilliant - absolutely brilliant!
--Kevin DeRita

Michael's routine was the talk of the convention.
--Blake Herridge

Michael always makes me laugh.  The innovative composition of his new "4M" comedy act is sheer entertainment!
--P.J. Campagna

Comments from the Texas Association of Magicians 2000 Convention in Dallas, Texas

Fabulous act!  If you guys don't win it, it's highway robbery.  I hate the cups and balls.  Now I'm going to say that I hate the cups and balls...except for the routine I saw in Dallas!
--Simon Lovell

Your cups and balls routine gave me goose bumps...I still have goose bumps!  That was Gold Cups material.
--Oscar Mu

Your routine brought tears to my eyes.  Great job!  I am so proud of you guys.
--Rick Walker
TAOM 2000 Contest Chairman

Most magic entertains me.  Your performance moved me.
--Dallas International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring Member

Your routine is the talk of the convention.
--Numerous Convention Attendees

I just wanted to thank you for creating that routine and entertaining us.
--Convention Attendee

That was a damn fine act!
--Bob Karlbach

You stunned them!
--Jim Cook

When the competition was over I thought there were two acts that had a chance.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the other act didn't have a chance.  Your timing and choreography were perfect.
--Terry Campagna
Past President - Texas Association of Magicians (1996, Houston)